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Published: 18.12.2011 by Kent Orham

Ferie1 also offer a variety of apartments for purchase in the Sunny Beach area. Right now we have several apartments for sale at remarkable low prices. In a few years you can expect to make money on your investment and until then we will take care of your investment for you.

We offer a full service management with both maintenance, rent, and even paying bills for you. All our customers make money every year while they own and enjoy their own paradise in Bulgaria.

Going on a holiday and staying in your own apartment is something else. The feeling of getting home gives you a wonderful and relaxing feeling.

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To get around we use a taxi-service with guarantied best price and service for our customers.  +359898289063

Situated in the South-Eastern part of Europe (on the Balkan Peninsula), Bulgaria attracts a constantly rising number of tourists with the combination of Moderate-continental and Mediterranean climate (warm summers, mild winters, and temperate springs and autumns).

Many people are enchanted to discover the spectacular coexistence of modern lifestyle and ancient culture. Natural attributes, such as 354-km - long beautiful coastline, virgin mountains, forests, valleys and magnificent lakes, determine the ever-growing popularity of Bulgaria.Bulgarians are friendly and hospitable to foreigners and Bulgaria is a peaceful, law-abiding and trouble-free country. Here are some other facts that are important to potential investors:

• Stable political and economical climate
• Full membership in the European Union from 01.01.2007
• Full membership in NATO
• Constantly improving infrastructure and service industry;
• Fixed exchange rate of the Euro to the national currency (Lev)
• Established tourist industry
• Regular flights from all over Europe

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