Cheep flights from all over

Published: 18.12.2011 by Marc McElfrey

There are two airports in close proximity to Sunny Beach, Burgas and Varna. Searching low price offers you will find many cheep offers. Booking flights from your low price airline and then booking apartments from us, gives you the best value for money.

Burgas Airport

Using travel agencies and tour operators can in most cases more than double the cost of a vacation.

Traveling in a large group is also stressful and doesn't give you the individual freedom you wish for.

We support you all the way and make sure you're stay is as present and problem free as possible. We offer you individual personal service, so you know that there is someone yo can call at any time if there is something you should need.

We provide you with transport from the airport and back if you want us to. We can also give you the inside information you need for getting the most out of your vacation at the lowest possible price.

Nobody can offer you a lower price or better service than we do. So order with us today and get the ultimate Ferie1 experience.

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Cheep flights from all over
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